9 Tips for Selling Lighting Control
Here are nine talking point to pitch to potential lighting control clients. Make a checklist to discuss these ideas.
9 Tips for Selling Lighting Control

Lighting control has moved way beyond simple convenience and aesthetics. There are many reasons homeowners may want lighting control.

Make yourself a checklist to discuss these ideas with them; the one item you forget to mention just might be the one that persuades them to buy.

Saving the Environment While it’s not a sales conversation suited for every client, using lighting control lengthens the life of bulbs, that means reduces landfill waste, reduces electricity consumption (coal burning power plants), reduces embedded carbon footprint (lamp manufacturers).

Occupancy sensors Mandated in some places, like California with its Title 24 law, occupancy sensors that automatically turn on or off lights using motion sensors are easy for consumers to understand.

Daylight sensors These products detect ambient light in a room and will automatically shut down lights when a certain brightness level is reached.

Shading solutions Controlling natural light through fenestration is just as important as artificial light control, not to mention it also reduces heating/cooling costs, transforms harsh glare into soft, pleasing light by using the improved quality of daylight, enhances privacy while preserving the exterior view and protects expensive furnishings and flooring from damaging UV rays.

Green button programming Singular buttons that can automatically switch whole-house lights into energy saving modes. Simple, easy, convenient and cost effective for the client.

Astronomic time clock Lighting systems can be set to coincide with the time of day. Astronomic clocks also change with the seasons. Shades can also be controlled.

Vacation mode Automatic sensors that can be set to alter the on and off times of lights throughout the home to simulate as if someone is there while the homeowners are on vacation.

Electricity Savings via Dimmers Most consumers still do not realize that using dimmers reduces electrical consumption. Don’t take it for granted that they know.

HVAC cost reduction via Light and Shade Control By using shades to block the hot sun, or lighting control to bring down lights, which generate heat, homeowners are actually reducing their HVAC costs. The air conditioner will not kick on as often. HVAC is the No. 1 energy cost in the home.

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