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Lutron Targets Production Homebuilders at TecHomeX Conference

Commitment to the homebuilder market paves the way for home systems integrators to broaden their customer base and profitability.

CE Pro reports that Lutron is poised to take the production homebuilder market by storm with products like its Caseta® Wireless lighting control system, Smart Bridge home automation hub, and Sivoia® QS Triathlon® motorized shades based on Lutron's solid presence at the inaugural TecHomeX Expo held recently in Orlando, Fla. At the event Lutron sponsored a luncheon panel session entitled “Go Smart Fast or Get Left Behind” and by participating in several home tech panel discussions with industry experts. The Expo, designed to provide high-volume and luxury homebuilders, as well as systems integrators, real estate developers,
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Lutron HomeWorks® QS Tames a Slew of Temperamental LED Lights

Colored LEDs of all styles, designs, and types in a basement renovation are choreographed with HomeWorks QS to create several distinct entertainment spaces.

LEDs have been the bane of the lighting control business for some time. They’ve been difficult to integrate into control systems; tough if not impossible to dim; and with such a huge range of styles available, getting them to all work in unison and without flicker has left many home systems integrators scratching their heads. The incorporation of LEDs into an overarching home control platform, however, has become a critical skill set to master with the ever-increasing adoption of LED light sources. And thanks to companies like Lutron...
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